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    when Hometree was crashing down to the ground, the na'vi all run forwards (exactly where Hometree was going to fall down!). if I were a na'vi I would run to the side or to that river, where Hometree was less likely to fall.

    Also I heard someone talking about a supermassive mining vehicle at the start of the film on their blog. i was wondering what it is.

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    Hi everyone. Like my friend Tsu'tey I'm riting a novel. have just finished 6th chapter. It is about Doctor Who and Avatar converged together. PLease commment on how much you like it!

    "Pandora! A moon of the giant planet Polyphemus. I mean would you just look at all that FLUX ACTIVITY! I suppose it's partly what makes the mountains float in the air." said the Doctor.

    "Mountains that float in the sky! Sounds... AMAZING! Oh doctor please can we visit them. Just one little expedition onto Pandora." Amy Pond exclaimed holding one of her pale fingers up to the Doctor.

    "Never! nothing you can say or do will make me step foot on Pandora. It is too dangerous Amy. When have I ever held you back from danger? Never! Which means that this is a very harsh …

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    March 5, 2011 by Neytiri765

    My favourite character on avatar is Neytiri. If you want to ask a question just post it on comments. I want to know your favourite characters and why you like them so much. I also want to know what your To all of you who play AVATAR the game i am a fellow player. I have 35800 ewya spirit! Can any of you other players beat that. Send me a message or post it on comments and tell me how much ewya spirit you have.

    Here is a quick quiz. Can any of you avatar fans work out what this means:

    Kaltxi, Fyape lu nga?

    Siltsan, Irayo. Fyape lu nga?

    Siltsan. Ewya Ngahu

    Ewya Ngahu.

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