Please read my blog. You can find secrets about avatar on it!

My favourite character on avatar is Neytiri. If you want to ask a question just post it on comments. I want to know your favourite characters and why you like them so much. I also want to know what your favourite scenes and soundtracks are. please tell me on comments.

Also I'm not sure about any of you lot out there but when Jake is connecting to his avatar normally it is a normal procedure. However, when Jake's avatar is in danger (like in the final battle with Quaritch or when the tree of voices is falling down) Jake seems to connect with his avatar much more quickly. Do any of you avatar fans know why. If so post it on comments.

Another thing. In the last battle when Lyle Wainfleet is about to be squished by a Hammerhead Titanothere he screams. We all know that. But later on in the film, when the Valykrie shuttle is plummiting to the ground, the racks of bombs slide backwards.An R.D.A soldier is about to be crushed by one of the racks of bombs. He screams. I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty sure it's the same scream that Lyle made.

Guess what!?! Avatar action figures are being sold. Check out these photos of them!

The community portal has been started off. Go and visit it to see what has happened to it.

The community portal has been shut down. Unfortunately there is no community portal any more.

To all of you who play AVATAR the game i am a fellow player. I have 35800 ewya spirit! Can any of you other players beat that. Send me a message or post it on comments and tell me how much ewya spirit you have.

Here is a quick quiz. Can any of you avatar fans work out what this means:

Kaltxi, Fyape lu nga?

Siltsan, Irayo. Fyape lu nga?

Siltsan. Ewya Ngahu

Ewya Ngahu.

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