Hey guys, before you read this, this reveals spoilers about the dvd so caution when reading this if you want to find out yourselves. I just got the Earth Day release of Avatar on DVD and when i popped it in, i found there were no trailers whatsoever and....breathe, NO SPECIAL FEATURES. I was very disappointed when I found this out. I was so excited to see what this had in store. Only to find out that all the behind the scenes and deleted scenes aren't in this DVD. Apparently, they're waiting to release a special edition around November. So I now need to buy a second DVD to get all the special features, I anxiously waited for, in about 7 more months. The bright side to this is that the Earth Day release has a very nice and shiny cover. Sorry if I ruined it for some people who were also anxious to see what this DVD had, but I'm as disappointed as you are.

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