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  • NinjasandNavi

    This is nothing new. None of the news is new news. (...hehe)

    However, he does talk about Avatar 2 & 3 a bit, about the Avatar themed park, and about his relationship with James Cameron.

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  • NinjasandNavi

    So... I was watching Avatar the other day, trying my best to pick out little details and things that I missed the other 400 times I've seen the movie, and I found something I was curious about. I hope maybe someone can answer me or come up with a clever solution or whatever. :P

    It's about that pretty sparkle outfit Neytiri wears when she takes Jake to the Tree Of Voices. Even though she is still wearing it when she and Jake return to Hometree the next day, she is seen in her regular outfit during the next scene. Hometree is destroyed, the Omaticaya flee to the Tree Of Souls, it leads you to believe everything belonging to the Na'vi was either destroyed or left behind. However, in the last scene of the movie, Neytiri is wearing that same spa…

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  • NinjasandNavi

    This was a blog post made on a DeviantArt Avatar group a few days back. I read it, but I don't really agree with some of it. Maybe you guys want to check it out?

    "We all love Avatar here, don't we? We think the movie's fabulous, and is one of the most stunning films to come out in recent years. That being said, there's a lot of people out there that don't care for it, but since the movie had the sheer nerve to make nearly three billion dollars, they have to let us know exactly why.

    Avatar, the latest "epic movie" currently out there, is an extremely divisive film. Some people adore it, having not quite blinked the same way since putting on those plastic glasses, and some people loathe it, wo…

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  • NinjasandNavi

    (And if the title comes up as 'Create blog post', I have a proof that this site hates me!) So... me and my friend were at the mall a few weeks ago. And as we were browsing through a card store we stumbled upon this card which made both of us fall over laughing. The front said something like "It's your birthday." and had a picture of Jake (In his war paint and all).

    And this was the inside, guest starring my thumb. (Sorry for the quality and size, we only had her cell phone to take the picture.) She kept insisting that the words called for a "That's what she said" and that we should photoshop a picture of Neytiri in there. (We are an intersting pair, aren't we?) But it played sounds. I think it said."The way I had it figured, Toruk is the b…

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  • NinjasandNavi


    November 17, 2010 by NinjasandNavi

    (Why the title is 'C', I'll never know . I must've pressed a wrong button... or something.)

    Wooooo! I know today was a special day for everyone here. It's the day we get to see what really happened in the Dream Hunt, what went on a tthe Old School House, or just how beautifully Jake and Neytiri danced. Someone here already had a copy, (Lucky...mumble) but for those of us that had to wait until today, we shall CELEBRATE! I found myself sobbing once again at Tsu'tey's death scene and laughing on the ground when Neytiri screamed, "Hell YEAH!"

    Props to my momma for going to the store and picking up my pre-ordered copy while I was at school. 83

    So, how about it? Were your expectations met by the new stuff or not?

    (Comment on this blog telling me I'…

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