(And if the title comes up as 'Create blog post', I have a proof that this site hates me!) So... me and my friend were at the mall a few weeks ago. And as we were browsing through a card store we stumbled upon this card which made both of us fall over laughing. The front said something like "It's your birthday." and had a picture of Jake (In his war paint and all).

And this was the inside, guest starring my thumb. (Sorry for the quality and size, we only had her cell phone to take the picture.)
She kept insisting that the words called for a "That's what she said" and that we should photoshop a picture of Neytiri in there. (We are an intersting pair, aren't we?) But it played sounds. I think it said."The way I had it figured, Toruk is the baddest cat in the sky, nothing attacks him. (Easy boy)" And there was another card. It had some seeds of Eywa and played the song from the soundtrack "Pure Spirits Of The Forest".

Oh well, pointless or not, I still loved this card.

Yep, Ami and I are a pair.

Now go away.

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