• Osg

    Only that in my script, the poliphemians are a civilization of bastards, which want marines and pandorines to anhilate each other, and have the ore for themselves. Don't know if he kept that, haven't seen it, prefer not to, I'd be too ashamed (think that they could even sue me if I do a P2P!). I got inspiration from the stuff I did in Oslo concerning ETA + CIA, but it's a higher degree motif: it's a perverted variation of Johimbo or Per un pugno di dollari. I heard they done it more like indians versus cow-boys. Anyway I got what I deserve "why wait for them to do it their way when we can just seize it and do it better", they seized my script and did it their way. The law, as always, of the stronger (in Tibet they call it kharma).

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