• Otac8n

    I recently purchased a new 3D TV, it came bundling the active glasses pus the Blu-ray 3D title Monsters vs. Aliens.

    All in all the TV set me back 1200 pounds sterling which is about 1800 dollars in the US. The pictures are mind blowing prefect for watching movies and playing games (PS Avatar the game still sucks in 3D)

    , but I want to know what people in the community think about it.

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  • Otac8n

    Fan Fiction

    March 9, 2010 by Otac8n

    Seeing as its going to be a while before Jim Cameron produces more content for Avatar, Give or take two years I guess.

    It could be interesting to give some people a chance to bridge the content gap, with some individual story's based on the universe of Pandora.

    Just a thought. Any let me know what you think....

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  • Otac8n

    Avatar surged past the 500-million-dollar mark at the American box office this weekend, maintaining its push towards an all-time record, final figures showed Tuesday.

    Avatar added to its haul over the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend with another 54.4 million dollars, box office tracker Exhibitor Relations said.

    The movie has raked in more than 1.6 billion dollars worldwide since its release and is on course to overtake Cameron's 1997 Oscar-winner "Titanic," which remains the highest-grossing film of all time with 1.8 billion dollars.

    In North America "Avatar" has earned 504.9 million dollars in only 32 days, and now stands third behind 2008 Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" (533.3 million dollars) and "Titanic" (600.8 million).

    "The …

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  • Otac8n

    Random Question:

    January 20, 2010 by Otac8n

    If a Na'vi was to have a fight with a Halo Spartan, what would the outcome be?

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