• Scherriehp

    My Chars! :D

    January 27, 2010 by Scherriehp

    Hi everyone! :D (Sorry for my bad english)
    I'm a typical Avatar fan... and i have played the game 'bout 5 times now! :3

    I love to draw and are 'bout 13 years now! :D

    I have my own Na'vi characters and in order the first one was Joline and when she traveled from Earth was she 'bout 21, now she is 28...

    She has no parents or siblings... So she wanted to travel far away to find her purpose. And i'm writing "In human years" 'cus i don't know if you count Na'vi years and human years the same? I haven't found out yet. ^v^'

    Sorry that i make it sounds like All the na'vi and avatar is my ideas... xD I'm not done with all this things yet... so there are a bit so write and delete...

    1. Joline :

    Femele human, just in an' avatar body. On Earth, she was born i…

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