Most of you should be aware that many critics have stated that 'Avatar' has either no storyline, predictable plot or weak story. Although some of you may agree that the story isn't the best ever written or you may disagree and think that the story is great, some don't think about the experiance a moive gives it's audience.

I Personally believe that the experiance of watching 'Avatar' makes it a great movie for all audiences, though I also believe the story is great to and I like it. If you think about other movies such as 'The Matrix Trilogy' the action is fantastic but the storyline is very hard to follow and understand for mos audiences, I've had to watch it multiple times to get the basic knowledge needed to understand it and theres still things that I don't fully understand (don't get me wrong I like The Matrix). Avatar's storyline however is much easier to follow for most audiences, the scenes are great and so is the overall experiance of the film (in 2D or 3D).

My point is that the storyline in movies is not the most important aspect of films as long as the overall experiance of watching the film is enjoyable and the audience find it a good movie to watch. Let me know what you think matters more, a good storyline or the overall experiance of the movie?

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