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    December 31, 2009 by Sinisa.zaric

    I liked movies like Alien, Terminator, Abyss, Sphere, Event Horizon, Predator and others cult movies which were not just in line with other SF movies like star wars or star track, BS. Galactica etc. So I would say that I liked Mr.James Cameron movies long time ago. Before I even heard for him. Of course I watched his Titanic move and I was pretty aware of it's success but I have heard for him (Mr.JC) just recently. It was a year ago when I first time heard for Avatar project and saw its first trailer. I must admit it caught me from the very first moment. But I would like to go back for some time like 15 years ago. I was a 18 years old fellow in the Serb Part of north Bosnia. And I remember that at that time in some period I was trying to f…

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