According to the Toronto Sun, James Cameron has chosen the location for his new studio. He chose the location, a distant suburb of Los Angeles called Agura HIlls, to build the studio and home of the next Avatar movies, because of its proximity to his mother, Shirley Cameron. In the 2009 biography of Cameron called The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron, writer Rebecca Keegan said, "the strong, caring Shirley was the template for Cameron's feisty maternal characters in Terminator and Aliens." Cameron also has said that Avatar would never have been made without her. The image of a four-meter-tall blue woman was based on a dream his mother had one night and later related to him. Cameron plans to build a 4,830-sq/m Lightstorm Entertainment movie studio and production facility -- to be equipped with blue screens, pulleys and live action sets. He needs a special zoning permit from the city of Agoura Hills, a bucolic, peaceful town nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, and has already gone through the initial permitting process. As a side note, a friend of Shirley noted that, "Jim calls her every day no matter what."

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