A recent news article ponders the question of whether Hollywood, with all of its planned blockbusters, is just trying to take our money or are they just trying to tell a better story. The upcoming two part Harry Potter films, and the two part "The Hobbit" are mentioned, as well as the re-release of "Avatar." The article states that, "By rereleasing “Avatar” less than a year after its debut, Cameron is taking a gamble on alienating fans and possibly dampening interest in his planned sequel." It also states that, "Director James Cameron says the “Avatar” re-release is aimed at folks who haven't seen the flick (which, after $2.7 billion in ticket sales worldwide, probably amounts to three people), and those clamoring for more time in Pandora.
" SO which do you think is it? Are they just trying to tell the story better and give us more time to absorb all the grandeur of the movie making magic, or are they just after our wallets?

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