James Cameron recently attended a sustainability conference in Manaus, Brazil. While there, he discussed his plans to bring the cast of Avatar 2 to the Brazilian rain forest so that they can learn about "the natives and what real life in the jungle is like." Joining Cameron at the conference was ex-California Governor and former Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron brought Arnold to the Xingu River, an area previously threatened by a massive dam project. He also introduced the former movie star to some of the indigenous leaders that he met on an earlier trip to the region.

Okay, now that I have the facts of the meeting down, it's time for some speculation. Cameron and Arnie meet in the jungle to talk about sustainability, native people, and Avatar 2. How cool would it be if Arnie shows up in the next edition of Avatar? What role might he play? Would he be the "bad guy" or would he be an Avatar driver? Hmmm. The possibilities are endless.

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