A few days ago I asked how you all felt about a single place where links to news articles would be gathered and presented in a more organized form; a place where you could read and discuss the news, Avatar stuff, and even some off-topic topics. You responded positively, so a team put their heads together and came up with such a place.

If you go to the following site: you will see the new Avatar Wiki Forum. Here are some of the features:

Special members called Reporters create the threads. You can read the posts anonymously, but you need to be a member to post. If you find a news item that you wish to share, you can send a message to a Reporter and he or she can create a new thread with that article.

In the "Development" and "Avatar" forums, and the "This & That" forum, any registered member can create threads and post to them. If you have suggestions for improving this wiki or wish to discuss a merging/deletion of articles, you can do that in the "Development" forum.

You may notice under the user panel, after you have selected your avatar, that there is something called your signature. This isn't the same as a wiki signature which uses text to link to your account. A forum sig can be anything from some text to an image, as long as it fits within the image size restriction and character limit. In our forum, the character limit is 255 and the image size is 100x350 px.

Just to make it clear, we do not intend to replace our home wiki here with the forum, just enhance and expand the Avatar experience. You will see our familiar faces in both places.

Again, the forum link is

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