No, I am not making this up.

"Michelle Rodriguez (Machete) wouldn’t mind a trip back to Pandora except for the fact that her character…well you know…(spoilers: she dead.)

In James Cameron’s Avatar, Rodriguez played pilot and all-around bad-ass Trudy Chacon. Would the fiery Latina like to work with James “Thunderballs” Cameron? The answer may surprise you:

“Jim Cameron can kill me anytime,” says Rodriguez to movie blog Total Film. “It’s a pleasure to die for him! But Jim’ll tell you himself… in science fiction films nobody really dies”.

Rodriguez goes on: “I would work with him in a heartbeat. He’s so intelligent. He’s like Yoda, man.”

Michelle Rodriguez can be seen in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Battle: Los Angeles on March 11. She’s also cast in the new teen comedy Blacktino, which, according to IMDB is about “an overweight half-black, half-Hispanic nerd named Stefan Daily.”

Avatar 2 is expected in 2014."

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