Messages in the fim of Avatar

Loads of people have been saying lately that there are some messages behind the fim of Avatar. My input on this is that I think we should start to come to our senses. We need to start to realize there are other beings out there and need to accept that fact. I think there a couple and very distinct messages behind James Cameron's Avatar that are very inspiring and spiritual. I am pretty sure we already all know that the U.S. government is wacked out and that they need to wake up and start contributing lots of effort to this planet such as improving the economy. For all we know, planet earth could end up as bad as it was in the film or even worse within the next few hundred years. If the government doesn't start to help planet earth now, then there may not be enough time left and our only choice would be to go to a different planet similar to Pandora to take other recources that do not belong to us. I'm pretty sure that none of us would want to go that far. What are your opinions on this subject and share what you think are other messages behind Avatar.

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