This video asks [What would it look like?] - exploring the concept of a global human identity - a unity in diversity - inspiring global unison in action to do what deeply know and feel to be the right thing for people and planet. People of every culture could throw off their conditioning and programming to distrust and fight each other. We are inspired by the Na'vi culture and we can be similarly inspired by the richness of cultures on Earth - yes, many have disappeared and been destroyed but so many still are with us. The key idea is not of oneness that is a sameness but unity in freedoms to express our diversity. This human diversity is now threatened by a monotonous consumerism. Authentic communities can generate abundance of creative arts - members learn to be expressive - they do not need to be entertained at all times because each one is productive has purpose in life. This richness in life, art, relationships in community and connection with beauty and diversity in nature is what is shown to us in AVATAR. And in that future, on Earth diversity of culture, art and beauty of nature are gone - replaced by man-made products. An industrial society value people only in terms of their jobs; the cities we now live in are the prototypes of that future man-made world that would completely separate us from nature and destroy community and cultural diversity. But we can choose an alternate lifestyle now - and create a better future - I call this lifestyle "EcoLiving"!

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