The idea that the WHOLE of life is sacred and self aware is not fantasy - it is essential to our Humanity. If "spirit" is lost we can become a dangerous and brutal animal with a big brain that might gain a capacity for star travel. Then we become the fearsome aliens who are savagely destroying Pandora!

Organic systems are infinitely intelligent and evolution and ecological systems manifest an infinite diversity and adaptability. Life is awesome and staggers the imagination but some individuals can stagger us common folk with the power of their imagination - AVATAR is exceptionally creative, beautiful and inspiring - but keeps it real and it is actually a very serious story that relates to our situation on planet earth today!

AVATAR raises a question of human destiny: is there an ALTERNATIVE to the path we are on now to the sad and destructive future portrayed in this film?

AVATAR is a warning to place a higher value on LIFE and to work harder no to apply our intelligence to understand nature, self and to evolve in synergy with the ecology of our planet Earth. Will the future be all too much like the present? Can we connect with and learn from our true nature or is humanity to behave like evil robots (no spirit in the machine), following a mechanistic program; seeking simplistic and destructive objectives; enslaved to THINGS and doing harm to LIFE at every turn.

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