I was watching the movie "Zulu", one of the few movies i consider better than Avatar, and the final attack scene in which the Welsh regiment gets in a duel of voices agaist the Zulu's war chant, the sing "Men of Harlech" and feel the lyrics fits well into the Na'vi's situation near of the movie. i'll post one of the renditions lurics below. Just wondering what other think would fit the situation, i reall don't care if i get ant responses just wanted to put this out there.

The history of the song is it was witten, during a seven long year seige of Harlech Castle, the longest seige in british isle histroy, it basicaly tells the story of never giving up and fighting for your freedom and right, even against a more powerful foe.

this is one of many engilish versions.

Fierce the beacon's light is flaming
With its tongues of fire proclaiming
Chieftains, sundered to your shaming Strongly now unite

At her call, all Arfon rallies
War cries rend her hills and vallies
Troop on troop, with headlong salliesHurtle to the fight

Chiefs lie dead and wounded.
Yet, where first was grounded,
Freedom's flag still holds the crag;Her trumpet still is sounded.

There we'll keep her banner flying,
While the pale lips of the dying
Echo to our shouts defying HARLECH for the right!

Shall the Saxon army shake you
Smite, pursue and overtake you?
Men of Harlech, God will make youVictors, blow for blow.

The swollen rivers of Eryri
Sweep the vale with flooded fury
Gwalia from her mountain eryie Thunders on the foe.

Now avenging Briton,
Smite as he has smitten
Let your rage on history's page In Saxon blood be written.

His lance is long, but yours is longer.
Strong his sword, but yours is stronger.
One stroke more, and now your wronger
At your feet, lies low.

i may post even more rendition later, a they all seem to be fitting in differnt ways

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