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Narrow-stripes and broad-stripes

TK'ru September 13, 2010 User blog:TK'ru

Hey all, forgive me if this has been put out here before, I have not been keeping up as much as I should. Have seen the re-release 3 times now (more outings this week woohoo!) and noticed for the first time something I'd missed in my earlier viewings: Na'vi come in both narrow-stripe and broad-stripe skin patterns! Cool! On my way to BurningMan me and a friend stopped at an IMAX to catch the first show of the re-release and were blown away. Out on the desert I had some stripes airbrushed on me as an experiment, liked how they looked, and when back home talked to my tattoo artist about putting some on. SO...long story short I was keenly watching stripe patterns the next couple shows which is when I noticed the big broad stripes a few Na'vi had, like a hands-width wide rather than finger width. One place I remember is when Jake and Grace were tied up outside Hometree, one of their guards is a broadstripe. There were several other instances, might catch more once I get my blu-ray. Different tribes perhaps, or the Na'vi version of different races?

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