(On a lighter note than blogs before me)I expect that with the arrival of legal copies of Avatar on DVD and Blu-Ray that we are going to see a great amount of new images or screenshots from the movie itself for those select pages that don't contain any. I made this blog post for other users to list certain items, locations, people, etc that don't have any good-quality pictures. Here are mine:

  • Selfridge - We seem to have a grand total of 2 pictures of him
  • Viperwolf - Without IGN Watermark
  • Norm's Avatar - Once again, 2 whole images
  • Norm and Grace collecting samples
  • Fruit Jake bit into
  • Loom thingies
  • More Moar pictures of Hometree interior
  • Max Patel
  • Hometree in Flames (Epic)
  • Qauritch vs Jake Wideshot

And thats about it for me.

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