I was very bored and went over to my talk page and made this:

TECT-Banner Welcome to [TECTONIUM]'s Talk Page!
Please feel free to leave a message below.
If you have any problems or concerns with my work, please start a new message at the bottom of the page. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Be aware I am unavailable on many weekends and may not respond until Sunday night.
If you have any ideas for userboxes, please leave them in the "Userbox Request" Area below. If you think it may have already been made, please check the Archive HERE.
(On talk pages, please sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~), or by using the "Your signature with a timestamp" (Sigbutton.png) button at the top of the edit window.)

I'm sure somebody else has made something like this but I name it: A TALK PAGE BOX! I thought talk pages looked a little boring and wanted to spice it up.

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