A few days ago, Swg66 started a blog called what song fits the na'vi? (This Beautiful Republic - Jesus to the world, defenitely in my opinion.) After that, I started wondering what song fits with the humans. I search the internet and finally I found the ultimate song about humans, it just exactly describes who we are (in my opinion).

Band: Tool

Song: Right in two

Album: 10000 Days


Angels on the sideline,

Puzzled and amused

Why did father give these humans free will?

Now they're all confused

Don't these talking monkeys know that Eden has enough to go around?

Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys, where there's one you're bound to divide it

Right in two

Angels on the sideline,

Baffled and confused

Father blessed them all with reason,

And this what they choose (And this is what they choose)

Monkey killing, monkey killing, monkey

Over pieces of the ground

Silly monkeys give them thumbs

They forge a blade,

And where there's one

They're bound to divide it

Right in two [2x]

Monkey killing, monkey killing monkey

Over pieces of the ground

Silly monkeys, give them thumbs

They make a club and beat their brother down

How they survive so misguided is a mystery

Repugnant is a creature who would squander

The ability to lift an eye to heaven,

Conscious on his fleeting time here

Cut it all right in two [4x]

Fight over the clouds, over earth, over canyon,

They fight, for our love, for our blood, over heaven,

Fight over love, over sun, over nothing,

they fight, till they die,

And for what? For their lives ending

Angels on the sideline again,

Benched along with patience and reason

Angels on the sideline again,

Wondering when this tug of war will end

Cut it all right in two [3x]

Right in two [2x]

Do you guys (dis)agree with me and/or have other songs who fit with humans, feel free to post them!

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