• TikoXi

    Avatar Disposal

    November 7, 2011 by TikoXi

    It is what it sounds like.

    Norm mentioned quite catagorically (I don't remember where) about Jake being on a 6 year tour of Pandora. A healthy rotation of scientific minds, workers and Sec ops personelle (well - those who survive) is to be expected. But a twenty million dollar avatar can't just be scrapped and recycled like the rest of the machinery. So here is the conflict: Grace put a full decade into her school, and will have been a resident at Hell's Gate for longer still. She's head of the avatar program, she has an excuse to be permanent staff. Dr Patel on his wiki page here is believed to be a member of the origional staff as well, and has not rotated back either. It is safe to assume that there are others whom we are not aware of, b…

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  • TikoXi

    Clash Of The Ti- cultures

    October 17, 2011 by TikoXi

    In Avatar, we see a lot of Jarhead vs Egghead conflict. Well, when it comes down to it, that's just one faction of the ethical standpoint: Atheism. As a rule of thumb, they tend to cooperate better with alternative religions, faith systems and philosophies of every make and size. What we don't see (, hear about or even is suggested towards) is the inevitable headbutting of a major world religion(s) with:

    A) the notion of another habitable world

    B) the notion of sentient life outside our own world


    C) the paganistic 'religion' (I struggle to use the term, cause Eywa's more like gaia and fate rolled into one, not really a celstial deity) adopted by the Na'vi, and the rites and 'apocathary voodoo' that goes along with it.

    Let's be perfectly honest w…

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  • TikoXi

    A New Wiki Page.

    October 8, 2011 by TikoXi

    I've been trying to track down a page on the ikran makto's headpieces, but I am unable to find one. The riding sheild, also of which I have been able to find a kocher name, so bear with me, is featured many times in the film on many people, yet no references exist that I can find.

    Jake's is most easily seen in this close-up below, but any image i've found of anyone on a banshee shows it. Does it have a name? It is quite obviously to protect the eyes from wind and particulates in flight, and possibly keep the hair out of the way too, but I felt I should ask before (attempting) to create a whole page about it. Does one exist? Does it even need one?

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  • TikoXi

    How many avatars?

    October 5, 2011 by TikoXi

    Slightly stemming from my previous blog question, I've found numerous sources stating the number of active avatars on Pandora at the time of the film as around twenty. Is there a precice number, like a quota or something? How do we know? I missed it in film, or is this backstory I've not heard yet or what? Because I'll tell you, that link room does not have 20 link beds in it (not saying it is the only one, as well as all the various link shacks) Does anyone know how this works?

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  • TikoXi

    A question was posed to me in a convresation that lead to a very healthy debate. Jake in his last V-log stated that a few humans were chosen to stay behind - but how many is a few? His avatar stayed (his human body died after Neytiri exposed it, so he doesn't count) Norm stayed (avatar may/may not have died from gunshot wounds/Titanothere trampling) Patel was shown staying (never had an avatar) - so that's 3. that's a few. But at least two more avatars were shown standing about Hell's Gate with the rest of the Na'vi, identifiable by their comparitively copious clothing next to the sparsely garbed Na'vi, and that means two more drivers alongside them. How many others were permitted to stay? How many survived? The whole avatar team? We didn'…

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