A question was posed to me in a convresation that lead to a very healthy debate. Jake in his last V-log stated that a few humans were chosen to stay behind - but how many is a few? His avatar stayed (his human body died after Neytiri exposed it, so he doesn't count) Norm stayed (avatar may/may not have died from gunshot wounds/Titanothere trampling) Patel was shown staying (never had an avatar) - so that's 3. that's a few. But at least two more avatars were shown standing about Hell's Gate with the rest of the Na'vi, identifiable by their comparitively copious clothing next to the sparsely garbed Na'vi, and that means two more drivers alongside them. How many others were permitted to stay? How many survived? The whole avatar team? We didn't see any scientist-y looking people being rounded up onto the remaining valkerie, so where did they go (or not)?

What do you all think?

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