• Tsan'uktoro

    Invent your own scenes to AVATAR 2 and tell the comunity.

    One of my many intented scenes:

    Norm is shot by a marine and is taken to the tree of souls. Dr Patel give him a medicine and Jake and Neytiri came close to him saying:

    Jake: - Norm, please don't die my friend.

    Neytiri: - Norm please wake up!

    Norm "die" and in that moment it's done an attack by the marines and almost all the Na'vi, including jake and Neytiri, go fight. When Neytiri is close to be shot, Norm apears and save her.later, Jake ask Norm how did he survived and he says:

    Norm: - Eywa gave me another chance.

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  • Tsan'uktoro

    If you were one of these movie caracters which one of them would you be :

    • Tsu'tey
    • Eytukan
    • Quaritch
    • Dr Grace
    • Norm
    • Trudy
    • Parker
    • Mo'at

    I think that I would be Norm, or maybe Tsu'tey. And you?

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  • Tsan'uktoro

    Katxì AVATAR fans. Today I want to ask you that if you were a Na'vi what would the name that you would like to have. Of course, mine would be tsan'uktoro! :)

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  • Tsan'uktoro

    Sorry if this exists already, but i want to know if I am not the only one who is learning the Na'vi language...

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