• Uytp7

    Pandora and Earth collides

    March 14, 2010 by Uytp7

    All the good stories have something in common: interesting story, multi-dimensional characters, a fascinating milieu and the most important, fluent narrative. Of cource, things like love, supernatural things and psychology may also be important elements of a story.

    On this blog is the first chapter of a new Avatar story, which plot can be found summarized here:

    This first paragraph doesn't actually yet start a new story, it just sums up the events of the film and presents a new person who will have a very important role in this new story and it's subsequent events.

    The text may contain some language errors, as it has been translated from Finnish to English. (be…

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  • Uytp7

    The fate of two worlds

    March 12, 2010 by Uytp7

    When I saw the avatar for the first time, I was just wow. Then I decided that it deserves a better story (or at least more unique story). So I started planning a different and deeper story, and now I have written nearly 300 pages of the story and I think that it will continue for another few hundred pages. The story is perhaps a little more special but at least it provides room for the imagination and provides a Pandora fans (hopefully) a lot of interesting things. It is also looking pretty much the situation on Earth in the next century.

    In this blog I write a short summary of the plot. I will leave out many details quite deliberately, so that the story is not revealed too much. Please comment on this blog and ask if you do not understand…

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