This post inspired me:


To test mine hypothesis. Mine hypothesis is that the reason some people do not like 3D is that they are too far away or off-center of the screen. This requires a little backstory:

When I was a kid, I went to the movies with my family. We sat closer to the back wall than the screen. I asked my parents ¿why do we not sit in the frontrowcenter? They responded that they are not used to seeing such a big screen. I asked ¿what is the point of going to a movie if we do not take advantage of the large screen? They responded that they are comfortable were they are. I asked ¿whether I could sit at frontrowcenter? They responded okay. ¡Sitting in the frontrowcenter is like being in the movie!

Since then, I always sit frontrowcenter unless I have a date, in which case, I sit backrow furthest away from the exit —— nothing like making out in the back of the theater.  ;-) The experience is just more immersive. It is like being in the movie.

Let us fast forward to 3D:

We all agree that Avatar is good 3D, unlike some terrible movies interpolated into 3D cough Clash of the Titans /cough.  ;-) I saw Avatar in 3D from frontrowcenter. Avatar was real to me. I was not pulled out of it by it not filling my vision, bad viewing angle, or seeing the audience in front of me. I hypothesize that it was so great because of where I sat. I want to test mine hypothesis, but I need your help. I need to know where you sat and how you rate the 3D. Since not all theaters are identical, we shall have to normalize the data:

Front Row is:


Back Row is:


Center is:


As far to the left or right as one can possibly sit is:


We shall grade the 3D on a score from -99 (hate) to +99 (love). This gives us a range of 201 grades if we consider -00 as being between -01 and 00, 00 without a plus or minus as 00, and +00 as being between 00 and +01. As an example, I rate the 3D in Avatar thus:

Proximity to the screen:


Off center:




If mine hypothesis is correct, the closer and more centered one is, the more one should like 3D.

Please help me and also add any additional comments or information as you like. Also, please try watching your movies from the frontrowcenter for best viewing experience.

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