Sci-fi by definition is Fiction. Duh, it's right there in the name. However just because something does not exist doesn't mean that it never will. If anything history tells us that once we dream it up, we make it happen. It may take months, years, decades, or even a century, but time after time we have proven that the impossible is not as absolute as we thought.

I believe that this is why James Cameron paints such beautiful stories in our imaginations: because the fiction he portrays go far beyond just ordinary fiction. He is not alone in this either. Many film-makers, novelists, illustrators, and other artists have pushed the boundaries of disbelief by showing us something that CAN happen, and very likely WILL happen. That is why we are so chilled by the scenes of 22nd century Earth in Avatar, because we are terrified by the truth we see in those images.

But it need not be all pessimistic. Many of you have read and responded to Ghaziya's blog about the development of the Avatar Expo/Convention. If not please follow the link HERE to give it a read. The committee is headed by three incredibly dynamic and inspiring users: Ghaziya, Skxwang, and Robin Aubrey. There dedication is representative of the core of this blog, in making something "impossible" come to life. Not only CAN this Expo happen, but it will happen. It is now only a matter of time. That time is dependent upon the support from this community. Many have voiced concerns about not being able to attend, and while unfortunate, it does not mean you are out of the loop. Like the Na'vi, each member of this community has a voice, and we want to hear it. The beauty of the Expo is that it will be the first of many, and the bigger it gets, the more easily we can accommodate even the most far away fan.

Look how far we have come in one year. It was not so long ago that Avatar came out, and look at the leaps and bounds we have made thanks to a little inspiration. Now, through the Expo, we want to increase that inspiration and connectivity. The Avatar Convention and Expo is quickly transitioning from fiction, to reality. For anyone who thought that a Convention was "impossible", I invite you to re-examine your definition of the word. Irayo Willofeywa 15:15, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

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