A lot of news programs and critics talk about the addictiveness of Avatar and the depression it gives some people. I saw Avatar 7 times, each time in IMAX 3D. It's hard to come back from it. And now with the DVD release coming up, we finally get to go back. But for me, the hardest part about leaving the movie theater wasn't the overwhelming desire to go back (you all know how overwhelming it is). Instead, my reality shock came from how disgusting our world really is. I'm not sure if he did it on purpose, but when James Cameron left images of the ruined Earth out of the movie (at least the theatrical version), it made me look at our society like we were already there. I came out of the theater and had an instant grimace on my face as I was immediately attacked by the realities of our society. It made me think about the last time I went even 10 seconds without something trying to be sold to me. It made me think about rampant consumerism, where we can never satisfy our addiction to buying things. I walked outside and didn't even get 5 steps without seeing trash on the ground. I guess these things are to be expected at public shopping malls. But I feel like that's the problem. We're becoming desensitized to everything and in response it amps it up and up until we wake up and BOOM, it's 2159 and the Earth is dead.

So I guess t

Los Angeles circa 2150

he most profound effect Avatar had on me was to make me really critically evaluate the things in our society. And I become depressed because the bad certainly outweighs the good these days. I will graduate from college this December with a degree in Marketing no less, but it has really helped me to see the bigger picture. I recognize now that Avatar will be nothing more than a pleasant fiction that I can occaisionally escape to when the weight of the world leans heavier than usual upon my shoulders. But I take from it the burning desire to do something proactive in the world, to help bring a little bit of Pandora back with me each time I visit it on the screen and in my dreams.

For those of you who have read my past blog articles, I took your advice and kept this one short and not excessively deep.I hope this one is a little better. Irayo

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