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November 19, 2011
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  • Wind12

    I saw this story on the news and I thought it was interesting and somewhat ironic.

    Have to admit this is a very ambitious man. So what do you think?

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  • Wind12

    In the movie Parker Selfridge got what he deserved and was kicked off of Pandora, I do wonder though if another punishment might have been apropriate to. Being the head of RDA Selfridge was always worried about what the shareholders back on Earth thought and was largely insulated from the consequences of what his decisions were doing outside of the base. While having to go back to Earth and face his peers are bad enough for him, I think it would have been even harder on him if he were not allowed to go back to Earth and was forced to stay on Pandora.

    For one thing, it is not like he would be able to cause any trouble by himself, he would be at the mercy of the staff and the avatars in the human facilities. Another thing is it is not like R…

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  • Wind12


    February 16, 2012 by Wind12

    Another thought has ran across my mind. I was wondering if Pandora could have an alternate name, what I mean by that is the Na'vi's name for their world. Now in project 880 it was said that the Na'vi did have a name for thier world which was the same name they had for forest(obviously a lot was changed from then to when the movie was finalized) but I would seem reasonable that the Na'vi would have the concept of "their world" even though they are neolithic due to the fact that not only are they "connected to their moon" but also the fact that they should have a pretty good "range" due to their use of ikran and realatively short distances between land masses. I bring this up because we as humans have a decent tradition of trying to name thi…

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  • Wind12

    No Media on Pandora?

    February 9, 2012 by Wind12

    I was thinking, I'm kind of suprised there was no "media" presence that I know of on Pandora.

    Now I know it would have been in the RDA's favor to not have too much of a "third party" presence on the moon, but you would think that there would still be strong enough pressure from Earth for them to have allowed at least a few journalists to tag along( even if restricted quite a bit). Assuming the media in the 2150's is like the media of today you would think that they would be chomping at the bit to have a few reporters on the field, I mean with the situation most people on Earth are in, I'm sure they would like to view as much about Pandora as possible.

    As for the danger of having to be there, I don't think it would stop some jornalists, I me…

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  • Wind12

    Its me again with yet another blog(hope I don't bore you too much;)

    As I have stated before I think one of the most intriguing things about Pandora would be its weather and climate. The floating mountains are very interesting to me as they would bring so many unusual twists to the weather in and near them. One of the things I think that would bother the humans alot trying to fly around the mountains would be the freakish wind patterns that would be created by having huge chunks of land suspened in the air( just think about how much trouble it is to fly around terrestrial mountains in windy situations) the scorpions, sampsons, and dragons would have a heck of a time trying to fly(already having to use VFR due to the magnetism) and getting b…

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