In the movie Parker Selfridge got what he deserved and was kicked off of Pandora, I do wonder though if another punishment might have been apropriate to. Being the head of RDA Selfridge was always worried about what the shareholders back on Earth thought and was largely insulated from the consequences of what his decisions were doing outside of the base. While having to go back to Earth and face his peers are bad enough for him, I think it would have been even harder on him if he were not allowed to go back to Earth and was forced to stay on Pandora.

For one thing, it is not like he would be able to cause any trouble by himself, he would be at the mercy of the staff and the avatars in the human facilities. Another thing is it is not like RDA would come back just to try to "save him" or what ever as even in the humans came straight back it would be 12 years round trip Earth/Pandora time and I would assume RDA would just hire a new head and consider Selfridge dead. I think this would really get to him "knowing" that all of his "importance" in RDA and the corprate life he knew was gone for good. I'm sure there would be plenty of "chores" that he could be used for, I mean somebody has to mop the floors, clean the restrooms, carry equipment to and fro ect.

Not only that but maybe they would take him on a close up tour so he could see the effects of his decisions in person(if the Na'vi are willing). While outside the human area(s) he would be pretty much helpless they could make him "help clean up" some of the mess left behind in/near Na'vi villages left over from the war(even though he wouldn't be able to physically do much as a human working in the forest and would have to be guarded for his saftey) it would be fitting for him to be bossed around by the Na'vi for a little while anyway. Anybody else think that would be a decent punishment?

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