I was thinking, I'm kind of suprised there was no "media" presence that I know of on Pandora.

Now I know it would have been in the RDA's favor to not have too much of a "third party" presence on the moon, but you would think that there would still be strong enough pressure from Earth for them to have allowed at least a few journalists to tag along( even if restricted quite a bit). Assuming the media in the 2150's is like the media of today you would think that they would be chomping at the bit to have a few reporters on the field, I mean with the situation most people on Earth are in, I'm sure they would like to view as much about Pandora as possible.

As for the danger of having to be there, I don't think it would stop some jornalists, I mean look where they are today, in War zones, areas with landfalling hurricances ect. The main difference I would see is that reports from Pandora would come in "pakages" and would not be "live" broadcasts due to the issues with lightspeed communication. Who knows maybe in the sequel there will be someone wanting to "interview Jake and Neytiri"?

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