Another thought has ran across my mind. I was wondering if Pandora could have an alternate name, what I mean by that is the Na'vi's name for their world. Now in project 880 it was said that the Na'vi did have a name for thier world which was the same name they had for forest(obviously a lot was changed from then to when the movie was finalized) but I would seem reasonable that the Na'vi would have the concept of "their world" even though they are neolithic due to the fact that not only are they "connected to their moon" but also the fact that they should have a pretty good "range" due to their use of ikran and realatively short distances between land masses. I bring this up because we as humans have a decent tradition of trying to name things after the indiginous peoples names for the area even if we flub the name somewhat( especially in modern times with people trying to be politically correct) it would seem to me that it would be a good possibility that when the humans discovered that the Na'vi had thier own name for their world that the humans would either move to rename Pandora to the Na'vi name or at least give it a double definition out of "respect" even if that respect is only a skin deep jesture to make us feel good about ourselves. Just something to think about and once again I apologize if this has been talked about before or if I am missing something obivous;)

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