I was wondering how many people that would go to work on Pandora would even plan on coming back to Earth. Not only that but would try to raise their families there even though the environment for humans would be harsh. My reasoning is I just don't see the average person(say the mine worker) starting a family on Earth, leaving for say a "six" year shift on Pandora and returning after 18 years to see thier family again, Just think, if you had a 2 year old child on Earth and lets say you were 22 and you left for that six year shift you would have aged only six years when you return because of cryosleep, but your child on Earth would have aged 18 years when you return, you would be 28 with a 20 year old child! Not to mention all of the other issues with being gone for so long.

I would think that RDA personell would try and set the place up more like a colony(human schools, some excuses for resturants, ect.) The reasoning for this would be even though some of this stuff would be "extracurricular" if you will, over time it would be better for them to have people that have lived their whole lives on Pandora to go to work for them. Not to say some people wouldn't come and rotate back, but I think the majority of the average workers would have went there planning on staying permenantly. This of course would be before they were kicked of the planet. This would also have interesting implications on evacuating the planet( such as can young be put into the cryosleep?).

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