• Winterdrake

    Someone got busy and added 15 billion "citation needed" links into the Avatar Program page... lol.

    Ok, ok, I'll go through the original Avatar scriptment and figure out where I got most of it from.  Many are simply expanded from a single sentence in the scriptment, or from scenes in the movie.

    Will cite references or describe scenes where possible.

    The Avatar Program information is presented as basic technical science writing, the sort you might read in New Scientist or The Scientific American.

    Some citation needed will be removed:  not all scientific articles require a citation or reference every second sentence, only when a new concept or re-working of an older concept is made.  It is expected that the reader has a fair grasp on the paper's su…

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  • Winterdrake

    Updated the AMP suits' GAU-90 Autocannon page.  Written in the style of the 'Janes' military magazines.

    The GAU-90 has great visual impact in the film, even though its a simple slug-thrower.  I was moderately surprised that no lasers/plasma/rail etc weaponry were used, but this can be explained by the necessity for simple, easy to manufacture weapons and ammo on pandora.  Complex weapons would need to be shipped from Earth = $$$.

    Thanks also to Calles for giving the page an info box under the image.


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  • Winterdrake

    Hi Guys and Gals -

    I have recently heavily updated the Avatar Program page to reflect an RDA science inspired flavour.

    The page now details the selection and testing of potential avatar operators, the creation of the avatar itself and the maturation process en-route to Pandora.

    Individual details are drawn from my science knowledge (I'm a geologist by profession), with reference to the original Avatar Scriptment by James Cameron.

    Observations made during my three movie sittings take precedence where details clash (such as the change from Josh to Jake Sully between scriptment and movie).

    I have not played the Avatar game nor viewed any other 'official' reference material.

    If you have any comments, please feel free to discuss as desired!



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