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  • Wormulon

    So, is it known how many Na'Vi lived in the Omaticaya Clan? If not, post your ideas!

    • Think about factors like the space they had, resources (like food, which seem quite abundant) and other things.
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  • Wormulon

    Disease and all

    March 3, 2010 by Wormulon

    Something that struck me is that Pandora seems very perfect is certain ways (I'm not critising Avatar for it though). I mean bacteria and viruses or their Pandoran equivilents must certainly have evolved and what's stopping terran or Pandoran microbial life from spreading from one world to the other (humans couldn't have cured every disease by the time Avatar is set in, plus humans would have colonized Pandora long enough for the alien microbes to learn to infect them)? But maybe Ewya somehow doesn't permit the evolution of infectious diseases, but that would go against evolution...

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  • Wormulon

    At first glance, Pandora's psychedelic bioluminsecent forests, exotic liforms and surreal landforms look nothing like anything on Earth. However, Pandora shares more in common with Earth than some would have you believe.

    • Bioluminescent forests on Pandora - Foxfire on Earth. Foxfire is caused by glowing fungi and insects, and has been known to light up entire forests. [1]
    • Helicodorian - Spirobranchus giganteus, a very similar tube worm in Earth's oceans that withdraw when threatend. [2]
    • Actually, James Cameron has mentioned that the creatures on Pandora had some kind of scientific background, and most have some real-life equivilent.
    • Eywa - Gaia hypothesis. [3]

    • Watch this vid on youtube, it isn't mine, but shows some very Pandora-like enviroments…

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  • Wormulon

    Avatar sequels

    December 28, 2009 by Wormulon

    Well it looks as if James Cameron is planning a saga of sequels, and perhaps more, not just to include more story (and make money), but to refine the CGI effects implemented into the first movie.

    • Avatar 2 - See this page more more info and external links.

    • I have noticed in the avatar book and movie, the idea of bringing some Pandoran wildlife to save Earth's enviroments, perhaps that will be in one of the future sequels.
    • Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana have signed for a trilogy, more story for Neytiri, Jake Sully and the Omaticaya Clan?
    • Cameron has mentioned exploring the other moons orbiting Polyphemus as well.
    • Defeating the RDA on Earth?

    What do you think?

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