At first glance, Pandora's psychedelic bioluminsecent forests, exotic liforms and surreal landforms look nothing like anything on Earth. However, Pandora shares more in common with Earth than some would have you believe.

Pandoran life

  • Bioluminescent forests on Pandora - Foxfire on Earth. Foxfire is caused by glowing fungi and insects, and has been known to light up entire forests. [1]
  • Helicodorian - Spirobranchus giganteus, a very similar tube worm in Earth's oceans that withdraw when threatend. [2]
  • Actually, James Cameron has mentioned that the creatures on Pandora had some kind of scientific background, and most have some real-life equivilent.
  • Eywa - Gaia hypothesis. [3]

Pandoran enviroments

  • Watch this vid on youtube, it isn't mine, but shows some very Pandora-like enviroments - [4].
  • Hallelujah Mountains - There are no floating rocks on Earth, but they are very similar to the Wulingyuan mountains in China. [5]

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