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What two creatures would you fuse together to fight off RDA???

Xijun January 27, 2010 User blog:Xijun

Two creatures I would fuse together would be the Hammerhead and Thanator! THANATOR GO FAST SPEEDYY QUICKYY WHILE HAMMERHEAD GO HULK SMASHY METEOR SMASHY AND TANKYY!!! With that combined combo, this fusion thanator/hammerhead would be smashin Tanks and Gunships while gobbling up meatbagzzz YUMYUMYUM

Best non-fused doubles team would be a Woodsprite and Mountain Banshee for me, Woodsprite would float around and annoy those meddling troopers then all of a sudden...... WHOOOOSH! A trooper gets caught in the claws of a Banshee and flys into the sky....until he starts his fall! Wow I love daydreaming! What do you guys think? Favorite fusion or doubles team??!?!

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