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January 6, 2010
  • Yoda112358

    Poll: favorite piece

    January 9, 2010 by Yoda112358

    everybody: favorite track from the Avatar score, and why.

    for me, it would have to be Climbing up Iknamiya. It just captured the scope and feel of the film for me in a way that none of the other songs did.

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  • Yoda112358

    so i'm considering trying to adapt Avatar to some paper-and-pencil RPG system (D&D and stuff like that). i was wondering if people have any ideas for what system i should use, or ideas in general that might help me with what i'm doing. i'll try to post progress as i make it, but it might be slow.

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  • Yoda112358


    January 7, 2010 by Yoda112358

    so in a lot of other fandoms, as some of you may know, fans will support non-canon relationships. there's not that much fodder for it in Avatar, but I was wondering if you guys wanted to throw out some random ideas, just for kicks. the three non-canon ones that i've thought of are:




    these are the only three that seem to have some vague evidence that could be used to support them in the canon, but I was hoping for more ideas.

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  • Yoda112358

    So it seems to me that there is a dichotomy within Avatar that is reflected pretty well amongst us fans. One of my friends described it as "sci-f vs fantasy" in a film. The RDA, but more the Avatar program in and of itself represents the scientific viewpoint of looking at this world, Pandora. The Na'vi, on the other hand, represent a more mystical, spiritual way of looking at nature. I happen to be a big fan of both viewpoints, but what really makes me curious is the biology of Pandora: how things evolve, the relationships between predator and prey, the biomechanics of a low-gravity world, all that stuff. This is all fascinating to me, like trying to figure out how carbon fiber, currently a purely lab-produced substance, became a natural p…

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  • Yoda112358

    So for me at least, It doesn't make sense, even if Eywa can somehow affect the evolution of organisms on Pandora over time, for all the species' neural tendrils to be interconnectable. So what I postulate is that at some point in the past, a common ancestor had a neural whip. This may have been left-over from evolving from a form similiar to the Tree of souls. This would still provide a benefit both in terms of mating and in terms of accurate communications about subjects such as food and predators. As species evolved the neural whips of each species differentiated, so that a Banshee could not achieve a bond with a direhorse, for example. Somehow, and here my theory breaks down somewhat, the Na'vi evolved a queue that was "universal"--able…

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