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Vacant Facility
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The Vacant Facility is a small, disused, and overgrown base in the far south of the Blue Lagoon region on Pandora. There is an abandoned shack there with the top of it being overgrown with foliage, as well as, at some point in the past, the shack had its door ripped off by something, possibly a Thanator. Located on the left side of the shack is a fully functional GMI unit and close by there is a still functioning A-Pod. There is only one path out, which leads to the Avatar Station. On this path there are a few scorpion thistles. When facing the front of the shack, there is a chalice plant located on the far right side of the area. Also, when entering the base, there is another path on the right that leads to a dead end.

James Cameron's Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder was sent to this area by Dr. René Harper to collect some plant samples. Upon entering the area, Ryder discovered that it had become overrun with viperwolves since its abandonment, with Ryder having to kill the Viperwolves to be able to collect the plant samples in peace. Beyond the cliff wall at the south end is Hellfire Glade, an unfinished area off the edge of the map. When assigned to this mission, the player is an Avatar. If the player comes into this area as a human, it is rather hazardous to traverse. The Scorpion Thistles will attack the player when they pass by, along with the Viperwolves, and if the player walks to the far right they will be attacked by the chalice plant.

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