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Victor Monroe
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Victor Monroe

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Senior Science Officer Victor Monroe is a character of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Victor Monroe lived out his youth in Johannesburg, the sprawling megacity of South Africa. Affluent and highly educated, he worked his entire career under the lucrative contracts of the RDA's Research and Development division. Arriving on Pandora nearly five years ago as Senior Science Officer, Dr. Monroe focused his primary research on the biogenetic uses of unobtanium. He has since spearheaded a plethora of important discoveries and linked the mineral to groundbreaking uses in a vast selection of sub-sciences, including research to tame the highly volatile Pandoran ecosystem.

Search for the Well of SoulsEdit

Monroe was first introduced to Able Ryder when the Sig.Spec. arrived on Pandora. He helped Ryder into his avatar body and later told him about the harmonics and the Well of Souls. Ryder, upon arriving at Hell's Gate to upload the final harmonic, discovers that Monroe was taken to the Avatar Compound and killed by Commander Falco, who also took the emulator, a device that could trick Eywa into believing that the RDA is the first voice, and would allow the corporation to take control of Pandora.

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