Jake Sully's Last Video Log

Jake Sully's Last Video Log

Video Log

— Is this right? I just say whatever to the video log?

— Yeah, we gotta get in the habit of documenting everything. You know, what we see, what we feel. It's all part of the science.
— And good science is good observation.
— Plus it'll help to keep you sane for the next six years.

The Avatar team were required to keep video logs during their participation in the Avatar Program. These became a form of journal for Jake, until the final log before his consciousness transfer that saw him leave his human body behind entirely. They formed a record of his observations about the Na'vi, their culture, and his activities. Miles Quaritch used Jake's logs as justification for the Destruction of the Hometree, as Jake openly admitted that there could be no diplomatic resolution in one video. He recorded 98 in total during his activity in the program.

Jake Sully's Video Log Edit

2154 Edit

Log Entry Date Location
01 May 19 SCIMOD
12 May 30 Site 26
42 June 29 Site 26
87 August 13 Site 26
98 August 24 Link Center

Appearances Edit

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