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Warriors Walk
Warrior's Walk
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Warrior’s Walk is a path running south to north along the western edge of the Blue Lagoon region on Pandora. A large archway connects it to the Irrigation Bypass. It opens up into a clearing at the northern end. Close to the clearing is a Tree of Vision. The clearing is on a cliff overlooking the remains of the Na'vi Reservation. The area is home to several species of plant, including the vein pod and helicoradian.

James Cameron's Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder followed Tan Jala on the path whilst searching for the “mole”, Dr. René Harper. He met and confronted Harper at the clearing in the north, and discovered that the destruction of the Na'vi reservation was his own fault. He was then given the option of staying with the RDA, or defecting to the Na'vi. The rest of the game depended on his choice. If Ryder decides to stay with the RDA, he, Commander Falco, and two RDA SecOps soldiers shoot Harper, injuring him. He then falls off a cliff and shoot's Ryder with a bow and arrow as he is falling, killing Ryder's avatar body, but leaving his human body unharmed. If Ryder decides to defect to the Na'vi, he and Harper open fire on Commander Falco and the two RDA SecOps soldiers. The SecOps soldiers are killed, and Commander Falco is injured. Falco then climbs in the Samson helicopter that was nearby and get's airlifted away, presumably to Hell's Gate.

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