Warthog Armor
Warthog Armor
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SecOps soldiers

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Warthog armor is a fabric-woven armor utilized by RDA SecOps soldiers on Pandora. It delivers substantial protection to users when traversing the unforgiving Pandoran jungle featuring added protection for the forearm and shins. Limited vitality boosts for battle operations are afforded to the user via the installation of bio genetic amplifications.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Edit

If Able Ryder sides with the RDA, he receives this armor immediately after he crash lands in the Needle Hills region. It replaces Viper Armor and is replaced itself by Hydra Armor just before Ryder finishes all of his missions and leaves Needle Hills. Warthog Armor offers about 4.5/20 protection, 7.2/20 vitality, and 6.7/20 mobility. Various non-player SecOps soldiers throughout the game wear Warthog armor, particularly soldiers that wield Assault Rifles and Grenade Launchers. A notable character that wears mostly Warthog Armor is Cheevers.

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