Weaver's Shield
Weaver's Shield
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Weaver's Shield is an area in the far north of the Needle Hills region. It is a gathering place for the Na'vi, who have weaved several shield like constructs from branches there. To the west lies a cave containing huge crystalline structures, called Solace Cavern. There is also a thin bridge of rock to the east, which connects the area on to Willow Tomb. Mountainside path to the south leads to the Ghetto. RDA has set up a pressurized tent south-west from the Weaver's Shield, Na'vi however have killed the personnel there. Near the tent there is a liana that leads up to the mountain to Mountain Camp.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Ryder later passed through the exterior area on his way to Willow Tomb and met Kendra Midori at the west end of the rocky bridge.

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