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Windwash is an area in the north of the Grave's Bog region. It focuses around an enormous pool, and there is a GMI unit near the western edge. It is connected to Bleeding Rocks in the south and Sooma'at Village in the west.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder was driven into the area on the turret of a Swan, after successfully luring a large stampeding herd of sturmbeest away from Camp Zulu and into a designated zone that had been pre-sighted for a heavy airstrike, which wiped out the sturmbeest herd.

He met Kendra there, who directed him westwards to retrieve an unobtanium shard from Sooma'at Village. Fighting alongside SecOps troopers already advancing to secure the village, Ryder managed to help clear the village of all Na'vi and retrieve the shard in relative safety. He then returned to Kendra and passed through the area in the opposite direction.

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