Wooden Spear
Wooden Spear
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  • Na'vi - hunting and defending against enemies
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Behind the scenes
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The Wooden Spear is one of the earliest examples of weaponry ever recorded on Pandora. All Clans use wooden spears, but the Tipani are masters of its deadly purpose.

It is not within the Tipani to engage in senseless combat. When they must fight, they are very mindful of their choice of a weapon. Preference for the spear is based on versatility. A knife is a magnificent close-quarters weapon, and a bow is unmatched in its range advantages, but a spear's short range and long-range proficiency affords dominance on the battleground regardless of the enemy.

Historically speaking, the wooden spear is the first weapon a young Tipani hunter trains with. As the young Tipani apprentices develop into expert warriors, they learn to master many different weapons. The bond they form with their first spear is carried throughout life.[1]



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